We are now open!

What we do

We are a barista-owned coffee shop that serves coffee, craft cocktails and fresh food that is locally and ethically sourced.  We want your visit to GBCC to be memorable, so we strive to provide excellent food and beverages, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

Stay gold!

The Crew


Trey (Co-Owner / Business Development)

Trey is an avid coffee lover and spirited entrepreneur who’s owned several fruitful businesses over the past 20 years.  Everything from operating his own pig farm to fitness clubs, landscaping companies—you name it, Trey has probably done it! Not only that, but he’s ALSO a skilled musician who’s passionate about giving back to his community through charitable organizations like Water Is Basic. 

After 26 years of grinding in the working world, the desire to turn his love for coffee into a living never wavered. Trey had always dreamt of getting to open up his own shop, so naturally after he and Andy joined forces, Golden Boy was born!  Trey is a Louisiana native and Texan by choice, who resides in Lewisville with his wife and two kids!


Andy (Co-Owner / Creator)

Andy got started in the coffee industry back in 2006, working for Austin Texas’ first coffee roaster. Over the past 12 years, he’s become an SCA certified instructor who’s trained over 100 baristas, and a master coffee technician who’s helped over a dozen coffee shops here in Texas open their doors! Having his own coffee shop has been a long term goal of Andy’s for the past decade, so when the opportunity finally came knocking, he knew Denton was the perfect place to cultivate that dream. Andy is a north Texas native who lives in Denton with his wife and son!


Storie (Head Baker / Social Media Manager)

Storie is our social media manager and our in-house baker who’s been in the coffee industry for nearly a decade. She’s also been married to/managing Andy’s shenanigans for the past 5 years, remarkably. Together through the years, the dream of opening a coffee shop has always been present, so with overwhelming passion and excitement, Storie joined our team. Her ultimate goal is to bring unexpected joy to others through the magic of baking + cultivating relationships with our customers.


Jasmine (Lead Barista / Quality Control)

Jasmine was born and raised in California and loves music, cd/record collecting and going to concerts.  If she isn't hiking or traveling you can find her in coffee shops.  Her love for craft coffee started in 2015 when she worked as a barista for a small family owned coffee shop. She loves being a barista because of the opportunities to try different coffees, learning about the background and process of how it is made,  and making connections with other fellow baristas and customers!  She's always eager and happy to help educate customers on the coffee process.  Wait until you see Jasmine's latte art, it will blow you away!


Chase (Bar Manager / Cocktail Creator)

Bio coming soon!